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medicare and social security and create jobs and reform the tax code and have an energy policy and education policy and a trade policy, and, mitt romney has put out more specifics on how to revive the economy and how to get people back to work than the income bebt president of the united states has, so, i hear the hammering in washington and, the process, and, come out into these states and see what we are talking about. see the forceful case we are making for economic opportunity, see the specific plans we're putting on the table, the bold solutions, mitt romney never once asked me to temper anything down, he said go out there and sell this. >> chris: you talk about the hand-wringing and there was a report, this weekend, that you were talking to conservative commentators, trying to get them to stay on board and not to jump ship and get discouraged, but in the course of the conversations you have admitted the campaign made missteps. >> i think, first of all, 47%, mitt, acknowledges himself, that was and in articulate way of describing how we are worried, more people are depende
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Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2